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Lemon Balm

Perennial with hairy, lemon-scented leaves. Spikes of white, pale yellow, or rose flowers from July to September. Grows 24-36" tall. Use dried or fresh. Excellent in salads, cool drinks, teas, wines, and potpourri. Try rubbing fresh leaves on skin or picnic table to repel insects, or add some sprigs to a campfire to keep insects away.

Sprigs can be harvested frequently and should be to encourage new growth and a compact, bushy habit. Although dried lemon balm has much less flavor and aroma than fresh, drying may be the only option. Harvest in early morning after dew is off the plants and just as the plant is coming into bloom. It will dry best if the weather will be hot and dry for the next few days. Any nighttime moisture could turn your leaves brown. Dry in partial or full shade on screens. When drying is complete, store in airtight jars.

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